Wastewater Treatment

CWC position

CWC favors investment in cost-effective technologies that (1) reduce the nutrient load of municipal sewer and private septic systems, and (2) increase water supply through water recycling.

Components of CWC initiative

Water pollution arising from development is a multi-faceted problem having the largest impact on the waters of our community.

  • Septic-to-Sewer.  Accelerate phased elimination of systems.  Prioritize conversion based on cost-benefit.  Mandate connection where service provided.  Provide economic incentives, and easy payment and repayment terms. 
  • Tertiary treatment of Reuse Irrigation Water.  City of Vero Beach (COVB) reuse water is very high in nutrient concentration.  It is a leading cause of near-shore nutrient pollution on the barrier island.  COVB must at least move to tertiary treatment as the County did several years ago. 
  • Water Reclamation.  When the City of Vero Beach replaces its 17th Street plant, it should consider potable reuse technology that is in use in many other places, and is cost-competitive today.  This would also benefit water supply and reduce our current 100% reliance on the Floridan Aquifer.