Lagoon Restoration

CWC Position

Investment in Restoration of the Indian River Lagoon makes solid business sense for our community’s economic well-being as well as to preserve our quality of life.

About Lagoon Restoration

The Indian River Lagoon is in crisis along with most of Florida’s estuaries.

Restoration will require a substantial investment in stormwater and wastewater collection and treatment systems. Recurring cost-share funding from the State of Florida is urgently needed for local governments to implement water restoration projects. 

The stakes are high. Consider two “yardsticks:”

1. The Indian River County Appraiser’s department estimates the investment in our homes and businesses to be worth, conservatively, $22.7 billion in 2016. This sum represents much of the life savings of our community and its citizens.

A tiny 1% or 2% change in the trajectory of property values means $250-$500 million lost or gained.

2. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, in conjunction with the East Central Florida and Treasure Coast Regional Planning Councils estimate the Indian River Lagoon drives $7.6 billion in economic value each year.

The report estimates that each $1 invested in clean water initiatives  generates $33 of value.



Executive Summary Report

TCPalm August 12, 2016.

Florida Today July 29, 2016